sound and visual realization by AGF
track taken from Beatnadel album:

what do we need less and what do we need more ?
(from a westernized point of view)

we need less helplessness, less nuclear, less idiots, less dictatorship and less things. we need more sleep, paid work, usefulness, meaning. we need less sugar, less cars, less CO2, less packaging, less advertising. we need more self confidence, more empathy, more passion and much much more imagination on how love is expressed and built. we need more patience and perseverance. we need less surfaces, less friends, less senseless chatter, we need more wisdom. we need more listening and less complaining, more action than defense. we need less drugging and more clear cold water. we need less music but more scientists and inventions. we need less electricity and less oil and we definitely need wings!

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