Aftermath story documenting the disaster, resilience and recovery of 82 year old Cardwell resident, Jim Mealing after cyclone Yasi ravaged his home town of Cardwell, North Queensland in February 2011.

Jim was forced out of his home and into the garage when cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland and... "a quarter of the roof got torn off like an animal grabbing it and tearing it off..."

Jim shares his experience being caught in the middle of cyclone Yasi and the process of recovery. Through ABC Open, Mission Beach resident, Mark Nissen, Magnetic Island resident, Matt Whitton and SES volunteer, Mark Brake, contribute videos and photos to help tell Jim's story. Previous Townsville resident, Simon James and band Ghost Notes contribute their music to the film's sound track to create a collaborative documentary.

Jim Mealing explains that there is always an end to the struggle where after you go through the process of rebuilding everything is rejuvenated again. He acknowledges that the waiting period affected a lot of people in the region and that even now people are still waiting for things to get better. Being a Korean war veteran, he compares the disaster of cyclone Yasi to the disasters of war and discusses the importance of remembering the difficult times in life with his daughter. Sandra believes it's time to get on with life after an event like cyclone Yasi has passed rather than to dwell on the disaster.

What do you think?

After many months living in his garage Jim Mealing moves back into his house. He describes the feeling as wonderful, 'like moving from a paddock into big open spaces.' Sandra visits and together they look through photos that were damaged in the storm deciding what to keep, what to throw out and what needs to be replaced.

Follow people recovering from natural disasters in ABC Open's "Aftermath: Disaster, Resilience, Recovery" Project and contribute by sharing your stories of disaster, resilience and recovery. Your photos and videos may feature in an ABC Open Aftermath documentary.

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