performance from Julie Andrée T.
collaboration ; Jean Jauvin , Laurent Maslé
created in 2009
duration: 60 min.

"What colour is this?" she asks.
In Rouge, everything moves, except the colour, explored in all its nuances. On the stage, the accumulation of what wears the colour of blood, of shame, of emotion and of revolution. Objects multiply, cadenced by the artist's actions and sudden questions. As the performance space gives way under the vermillion, she asks again and again, "What colour is this?" Because red remains that diabolical colour in which everything is revealed.
Rouge is a compelling one-woman show by Julie Andrée T. An iconoclast in the first degree, her work refuses all semblance of theatrical character and narrative. Rouge is a depiction in extreme monochrome—a constantly mutating piece that takes shape in a frenzy of accumulation and a search for the infinite.

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