Production completion: 2012
Film length: 12:33 min

A female scientist lives a lonely and isolated life on the coast of Greenland. She is looking for the perfect partner to keep her company under such harsh conditions. One day, she discovers a website which enables her to grow her perfect match, but there is a possibility that things may go wrong.

More Info:

Written & Directed by Denise Hauser
Produced by Helmet
Line Producer: Denise Hauser
Director of Photography: Øystein Moe
Editor: Denise Hauser
Music: Rich Keyworth
Sound Design: Henning Knoepfel
Set Design & Props: Denise Hauser
Miniatures: Denise Hauser, Torild Skipnes, Anita Gundersen
Assistant Camera: Stian Eriksen
Costumes: Mari Melilot & Denise Hauser
Makeup & Hair: Ragnhild Ward Bugten
VFX Supervisor: Helmet
Composition & Animation: Denise Hauser, Sondre Nymoen, Alexander Somma
Coloring: Alexander Somma, Denise Hauser
Title & Credits Design: Knut-Erik Øverjord

Ina: Mari Melilot
Workaholic: Anders Jullumstrø
Macho/Sun God: Endre Forbord
Cheater: Magnus Børmark
Sales Woman: Jenny Staalnacke
Bella: Julie Holm
Anna: Line Brå Johansen
Annabelle: Stine B. Johnsen
Snowflake: Stian Ward Bugten

Ina: Shearan Thomas
Workaholic: Christopher Allen
Macho/Sun God: Alexandre Bensaid
Cheater: Will Wheeler
Sales Woman: Leonor Lemee
Bella: Lisa Holliman
Anna: Lisa Holliman
Annabelle: Deeivya Meir

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