The new GoPro 2 now offers WVGA, 720p, 960p and 1080p frame sizes. The WVGA shoots in 60 and 120 fps (or 50 and 100 fps in PAL mode). So what do frames that size look like, compared to, say, 720p?

The 1080p25/30 mode now shoots with Wide, Medium and Narrow angles of view. How do those stack up to each other?

What's with the 960p30/48 mode? (25/50 in PAL)

And does the new Hero 2 work like the original Hero on a Steadicam Smoothee?

I wondered. I shot. I cut. I labeled.

Here you go.

If you're reeeeal curious, you could download the 1080p original to view on your HD monitor.

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