"The performer repeats the phrase "Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original" while manipulating exposed electric wiring (taped to a stick) with his mouth. As his mouth moves exposed wires create a circuit and a light bulb duck-taped to the performers head is lit. 00:55 the performer turns the studio lights on, exposes the set-up and removes the apparatus from his head."

The performer is a part of the xxx_group (est. 2007) and the video is based in the groups practice. It is a combination of performances which the group presented in Prague 2009: "3# Grid of Pleasure (55)" and "?# Saint Lucy, Cracks It (55)" (Yet unpublished).

The name of the work refers to Marina Abramovic's "Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful" (1975) performance, during which Abramovic brushed her hair and face forcefully, repeating the phrase "Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful". Abramovices artwork is interpreted as an illustration of the position of women in the art world and the relation of performance art aesthetics to modern art aesthetics. "...Original, ...Original" made 36 years after addresses the mandatory need of artist to produce innovative content to proof their originality and is intended to be remixed by others to serve a swarm of creative practitioners.

Material between 00:01-00:55 is suitable material for vj's (working with 75 or 190 BPM). The clip is intended as filling material for documentaries etc. addressing copyright issues, intellectual property rights or myths related to artistic creativity. Video is shot in Helsinki, Finland (60,183219, 24,957928). The background noise consists of faulty plumbing and trams passing above the M-Cult studios where the video was shot. The work was made for Open Community Media, M2HZ.net's "Media Artist of The Month (December 2011)" show and produced by Kalle Kuisma (M2HZ).

Title: "Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original"
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
Performer: Eero Yli-Vakkuri (xxx_group)
Date(DD/MM/YY): 3/11/2011

Original format: HDV/1080i50 (16:9) / With separate audio (Stereo/48kbs).
Duration: 01:19


Video may be downloaded in better resolution here: archive.org/details/ArtMustBeOriginalArtistMustBeOriginal

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