La Medida (the measurement) is a video installation in five scenes. Together they explore the role of measuring systems in our understanding of the natural world through sections that range widely in size; from a gallery-sized triptych to a peep-hole video, from sculptural elements to sound-activated stop-motion.

This project began with observations of the process of artistic and scientific analysis in the miniature forests of the Omora Ethnobotanical Preserve near Cape Horn, Chile. during a short artist’s residency. It continued by comparing these observations to other human interactions in wilderness. Questions developed about how and why we measure the world anthropomorphically. By categorizing what we see do we make sense of it? By capturing a likeness do we contain its meaning? By measuring its physical qualities do we control anything about them? What is the effect of our human shadow on the last vestiges of wilderness?

Scene 5: Proportion
In the furthest gallery, three screens glow with images from the miniature forest of The Omora Preserve In Southern Chile. The center shows the character of the artist/scientist measuring and flowing through the preternaturally large lichen, liverworts and mosses. The side panels move inward, inviting the viewer through the surrounding forest. The sound here is by the composer Eric des Four, composed largely from the sounds of the Omora Preserve. The performer is Abe Shriner.

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