As Above – So Below is a video mapping projection installation, conceived by a group of six artists, John Ensor Parker, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Johnny Moreno, Richard Jochum, & Ryan Uzilevsky. With significant sponsorship from visual production company Senovva, the artists developed a multi-perspective 3D installation that spans a nearly 30,000 square feet canvas on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in Brooklyn.

Creation of the piece incorporates green screen film shoots, Kinect 3D scanning, stop-motion animation, computer modeling and a host of visual effect programs.


Farkas Fülöp
John Ensor Parker
Simon Anaya
Johnny Moreno
Ryan Uzilevsky
Richard Jochum

Visual Effects Team:
Sina Taherkhani – VFX Creative Direction

Farkas Fülöp – Visual Effects Supervisor

Simon Anaya – Video Mapping Specialist

Ryan Uzilevsky – VFX Producer

John Ensor Parker – 3D Environment Architect

James Laudicina Jr – VFX Production Manager
Isaiah Palmer – 3D VFX Artist

Kevin Bleich – 3D Programmer

Luis Valdes – VFX Artist

Paul Imperio – VFX Artist

Cory John Stoffa – VFX Artist

Filip Radonjic – VFX Artist

Paul Daniel – VFX Artist
Adam VanDine – VFX Artist
J.k. Carrington – VFX Artist

Aerialists / Movement Performers:
Malado Baldwin
Kae Burke
Darnell Celius
Sarah Lisette Chiesa
Iara Celest Diaz
Nahdi Gibson-Zelaya
David James
Jesse Lenat
Erinina Marie Ness
Max Pollak
Anya Sapoznihkova
Rachael Shane
Julianna Takacs
Tyler Visar Shaqiri
Despina Sophia Stamos
Sarah Walko

Kevin Bleich – 3D Scanning – Web Developer
Chris Studley – Lighting Designer / Set Carpenter
Buddy Raymond – Rigger / Set Carpenter
Anya Sapozhnikova – Stunt Consultant
Marion Talan – Costume Designer
Dana Fairbairn – Script Supervisor
Darnell Celius – Production Assistant

For further information about this project or any others we are doing, please email john at natureofenergy dot com

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