Peter Yeadon, Nanovation: Innovation via Nanotechnology: Science Cafe September 2010

Nanotechnology has already produced a number of materials and devices with novel properties that were not possible before. But until recently, its emergence in our products and environments has been relatively discreet. This is swiftly changing, and recent reports show that the construction industry is poised to benefit more than any other sector from the products of nanotech, after electronics and biomedical applications. Using exemplary works by researchers and practitioners, this presentation will introduce attendees to the broad field of nanotechnology, and will focus on ways in which architects and designers are beginning to pursue innovation through nanotech advancements.


Peter Yeadon
As both an architect and scholar, Peter Yeadon is committed to balancing research and practice. He has been a faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) since 2002, where he teaches advanced design studios on smart materials and nanotechnology in the Department of Industrial Design. Mr. Yeadon is also a partner a Decker Yeadon in New York City, an award-winning firm that focuses on how new materials with novel properties can generate innovative solutions to a variety of problems.

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