- *JUST IN* Bloomberg: Mexico abandons plans to build 10 nuke plants — Fukushima causing nations around world to reconsider energy future, *SHOCK* Mainichi: Fukushima cows stuck in piles of excrement over two feet deep — “They sometimes shake their massive bodies as if trying to wiggle free” (PHOTO)

Plutonium in space? A deadly possibility

Beyond Nuclear Board Member, Karl Grossman, to speak on threat of PLUTONIUM in SPACE

The Role of a Meteorologist at the NRC

Iran in crosshairs as nuke report due

Defuelling starts at Calder Hall

MIT Newspaper: U.S. had plans for 30+ new reactors — Now just one under construction, and its future is uncertain

Halt of crop farming in Fukushima forces manure to accumulate on cattle farms - 4th Nov 2011

Italian claim on nuclear fusion

Fukushima radiation to atmosphere and ocean

Los Alamos’s gigantic new Plutonium Complex

Nuclear no answer to climate chnage

Risks for nurses and patients in medical radiation

START nuclear weapons data does not inspire confidence

Failure of MOX nuclear reprocessing projects

Corruption in Japan’s nuclear industry

How nuclear power heats up ocean waters

Google Earth method to track India’s nuclear program

Toro Energy’s plan for Wiluna uranium mining – secretive, and lacking in several aspects

Growing and determined opposition to Wiluna uranum mining project

Australians not awake up to Olympic Dam uranium mine – a coming catastrophe

SUBMISSION TO THE SELECT COMMITTEE Re: Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) (Amendment of Indenture) Amendment Bill 2011

Wiluna uranium project: Toro Energy’s plan is seriously flawed

Marathon anti uranium march reaches Perth

AREVA halts Central African uranium project, as prices plunge

Keep moratorium on uranium mining, say 70 Virginia organisations

Paladin uranium company getting pretty desperate about share price fall

Dying soldier’s case against depleted uranium

6 uSv/h outside busy shopping mall in Tokyo suburb of Kashiwa (VIDEO)

Japanese mothers demand radiation protection, and closure of nuclear power

What it’s really like to be a cleanup worker at Fukushima

India’s Kudankulam nuclear project halted

India’s top nuclear scientist wants a stop to nuclear power programme

11/3/2011 Criticality Confusion at Fukushima Daiichi

The $64 billion question – 3 reasons why Japan should nationalise TEPCO

Taiwan’s President Ma contradicts himself on nuclear power shutdown

Florida schools save money while kids manage mini solar power plants

Japanese fears on radioactive debris

USA Republican presidential candidates’ opposing each other on nuclear wastes

USA Republican politicians crusade for uranium mining around Grand Canyon

Support for UK’s nuclear test veterans in their legal fight for justice

UK government hypocrisy when it comes to nuclear waste dumping

11-209: NRC Chairman Jaczko to Visit India Nov. 14-18

UK judge rules in favour of nuclear waste dump, rejects local opposition

The unwisdom of a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilitiesar

Xenon Detection in Reactor 2: Different Detection Limits on Different Days at Different Sampling Locations

South Korea’s radiation hotspot – from Japan, or from China?

USA Republicans fight for uranium mining in Grand Canyon

CNN: Tepco’s claim of ‘spontaneous’ fission is an “improbable phenomenon” says nuke professor — Strange that such a “rare” event was detected almost immediately after sampling began?

Plutonium in Space

More MOX

Cold Fusion Claim

US Nuke Plans

Calder Hall Defuelling

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