North Bay Week in Review 11/4/11

I’m Michelle Olivera, and this is your North Bay Week in Review for November 4th, 2011

The Santa Rosa City Council has agreed to allow Occupy Santa Rosa protesters to continue using the tents they had set up on the City Hall grounds last weekend. The terms and duration of the demonstrators’ presence are still being negotiated. Meanwhile plans to Occupy Sebastopol were circulated this week, with that action to begin on Saturday.

A new study has found that while many plants and animals have been decreasing in size around the world, California birds are actually getting bigger. Scientists at PRBO theorize that birds may be getting bigger because they are storing more fat to get through severe weather events.

Napa’s Lincoln Theater is in danger of closing by the end of the year due to financial troubles. Managing Director, Michael Madden, says the Theater has been operating in the red ever since reopening after a $22-million dollar facelift in 2005. The theater will cut back shows in December, reorganize, and hopes be able to reopen in January.

Tuesday is Election Day for Marin County, where 6 cities will be electing new councilmembers. KRCB’s own Bruce Robinson and Marin IJ columnist Dick Spotswood will be hosting a live webcast with analysis and coverage of the Marin County Election on starting at 8 pm Tuesday night.

And, Daylight Savings Time is ending this weekend. Remember to turn your clocks back Sunday morning at 2 (or before bed Saturday night) and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

That’s all for this Week In Review, I’m Michelle Olivera. See you next week!

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