Directed by Joel Pincosy, Written by Peter Pincosy, Produced by Karen Dea, Co-Producer Saleah Askia, Director of Photography Mike Epple, Production Designer Claire Mack, Edited by Kevin N. Bailey, Costumes by Carol Clever.
Three men, each with their own separate boulder, who live in an overlapping hell. Prescott Federal Sanatorium, a psychiatric prison where ground-breaking and ethically questionable experiments are being developed to alter the course of humankind.
Dr. Philip Deadhouse-Martin, the creator of this level of hades, has built an experiment that if successful will prove to change the way prisoners are processed through the correctional system and assimilated back into society. Success and power could be his except for the flaws built into his nature, we are all human.
Bartholomew Hewes, the unfortunate middle-man who has been hired to guard the prisoner and to maintain the world imagined by Dr. Deadhouse-Martin. His hands shake as he works and dreams of a different life among the soggy fowl of the marsh. Fate may push him off the edge of sanity.
Adam Siegler, a deconstructed person, once a violent and anti-social prisoner he has been forced into a mold that cracks when his spirit begins to expand. The contraction forced by the experiment not able to contain him as weaknesses in the method become apparent.
As each man pushes their boulder up the path they become aware of the repetitive and constricting process and make decisions that will lead them off in different directions. Perhaps to freedom.

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