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Shaking Through: Vol. 2, Episode 9
Released: October 12th, 2011

Song Title: Old Tree
Producer: Kyle “Slick” Johnson
Engineer: Jonathan Low
Mixer: Kyle “Slick” Johnson
Recorded at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia
Executive Producer: Andy Williams

Sean Miller
Peter Joseph Urban IV
Pat Troxell
Anna Troxell

Director: Peter English
Executive Producer: Andy Williams
Series Producers: Brian McTear & Peter English
Director of Photography: Ian Markiewicz
Artist Feature Edited By: Greg Heller & Larry DeMark
Production Video Edited By: Greg Heller & Larry DeMark
Field Audio Engineer: Mike Morse

Produced by Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Wavves, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Rogue Wave, Modest Mouse, etc.)
Curated by Sean Agnew of R5 Productions

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