The Remembering (For Classic Guitar Short FILM)


A man who was watching a sunrise from a beach happens to save a woman from jumping into the water.

The woman was suffering from depression and insomnia.
The woman attempted suicide feeling alienated from the busily repeated daily lives of others. However, she thinks that this is to happen eventually someday.

The woman stays over a night at the man’s place at an abandon school building.

The man and the woman sits across a simply prepared table.

The man, who is a guitarist, says that he hasn't played for a long time.

The woman asks why he does not play, but the man says that practicing fingering does not mean anything and that he is performing the true work of connecting his soul and the music together here.

He sits by the window of this abandon school building looking at the stars in the sky, smelling the fragrance of the flowers, and listening to the sound of the crickets.
By doing so, he feels the temperament of the nature and writes the music.

One silent moonlit night,
the man slowly brings out his guitar and starts tuning.
In a long time, he starts performing before this wounded woman, his guest.

As the music starts, the man's soul is intensely assimilated to the music, and the woman, without realizing, immersed in the man's inner world, is walking the last steps of her memory, which she had hope to .

Counter to the cold flow of the city which led her to the end of the cliff, it was a warm and relaxed peacefulness of the nature.

The moment the music stopped,
the woman falls into deep sleep in peace.


GH1 x2 and FD lenses with steadicam Merlin

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