featuring Eden Sela and Flynn Cross.

Roy Cross as writer, director, producer. Silent 35mm B&W.

First film in 10 years where I was behind the lens as DOP. The perfect movie set, one actor, and me as director/crew.

Synopsis: A woman, a child, a river, running. Spinning and swinging, dreaming and playing. Lost. Scared… and fading away.

Somehow, I have found my way back to the beginning. Silent cinema has long lost its audience and with it, we have lost our sensibilities as silent film spectators. I was, and remain curious about the impact of silent film, not from an academic point of view, but rather as a means of expression. In these current days of ones and zeros and sound all around, I am intrigued by the gentle power of what has long been perceived as a dead language. Dream of the woman in blue is a narrative loosely connected by character, movement and aesthetic. It is not meant to mimic or copy a certain epoch of cinematic history. It is an exploration in looking that encourages a construction of the narrative through viewing. The film is based on a series of nighttime dreams I think I had once.

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