Another video with the theme of mating the full high resolution of the Eigenharp with Analog Synthesis using the new experimental OSC (Open Sound Control) agent in EigenD.

This video show the sound design, not necessarily the performance which is simply taking the sound for a walk around the keys.

The idea here is to try to create one of the hardest sounds to model in analog synthesis. The difficulty in wind instruments and brass especially is that the sound envelopes are very complex over time. If you really want a wide range of expression, you need to be able to control the subtleties of that sound at a very high resolution. In this case 2000 events per second changing multiple parameters of the sound on each event using control voltage.

Ironically, the analog modular synth which is deemed as one of the hardest instruments to control, is actually one of the few sound sources that can take full advantage of control at audio rates.

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