Brendan and I (with some help from others) came up with this idea on how he would propose to Courtney. We wanted it to be something fun and upbeat, all based on their first date and falling in love in Austin. We went to each location that they went to on their first date and tried to capture the experience of actually being there. Brendan and Courtney love riding their bikes around Austin, so having a camera mounted on his bike riding through the city just felt right.

On Friday night November 4th, after dinner with some friends and family, the group walked back to the car. (with Courtney not knowing what was happening) And an image was being displayed on the side of a building in the parking lot. When the group reached the car, the video started to play and everyone stopped and watched. Courtney, still not knowing what was happening, was so intrigued by the video because she loved the song that was playing. And I quote "OHH I love this song!!" Soon followed by "I LOVE Austin" and then "It's a couples song!!" As the video continued, more friends that were hiding in the parking lot made there way over and she finally recognized that Brendan was the one riding the bike, and that's when she lost it. After the video finished Brendan had some sweet words for her and knelt down on one knee to ask her to marry him. With no hesitation, she screemed YES!

It was a beautiful night and I was so honored to be apart of it. We are so excited for these two and can't wait to celebrate even more. Thanks for everyone who helped make the night possible.



Music by: Youth Lagoon - Cannons & Afternoon
Featured Fonts: Lost Type Co-Op @losttypecoop
Thanks to Wahoos, American Bingo, Flamingo Cantina, Halcyon, Six Lounge & the great city of Austin, Texas.

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