A Piratical tribute to Tom Waits's beloved "Hoist That Rag" with an excerpt of "Bad as Me".

Isis Silva
Essence Williams
Satori Rosen
Bodhi Rosen
Coltrane Randolph
Ocean Lewis
D.J. Roberts
Hollis Lee Spooner
Prophet Silva
Daisy Arnett
Delilah Arnett
The Koo-Koo

Music Copyright 2011 Tom Waits
Directed & Produced By: Angelo Pullen & Cree Summer
Edited By: Clarence Gaines
Cinematography by: Julian Perry, Hudson Lane, & Angelo Pullen
Makeup by: CandyJo Dahl
Costumes & Styling by: Cree Summer & Taryn Dean
Art Direction by: Charles Randolph
Photography by: Karen Steyr
Choreography by: Haize Rosen
Bird Wrangling by: Jentle Phoenix

Special Thanks To:
Paloma Jagger Xentaras
Tiease Lee
Nika Futterman Xentaras
Aklia Chinn
Ernie Silva
Reginald Cash
Darryl Roberts
Devon Arnett

"In the wood the trees are tall
towering above us
we are small
you and I
but the faeries love us"

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