A travel ad for the company Virgin Galactic. This was created as part of my Capstone Design class at Oklahoma State University.

Virgin Galactic is a completely legit company offering commercial tourist flights to space for only $200,000 a ticket. Spaceport America, located in New Mexico, USA, was just recently completed. Visit virgingalactic.com/ for more information.

All of the information is factual, although I did simplify and/or omit some information as needed. The design of the spacecrafts and the spaceport are based on their real Virgin Galactic counterparts (though again, simplified). I wanted it to be as "real world" as possible. Perhaps the only thing untrue is the logo, which I redesigned to have more a retro feel, matching with the tone and look of the rest of the video.

I designed the video with a retro feel to reference classic airline travel ads, which remind me of the glory days of the airlines. I created all the images digitally, based off my own sketches and images provided by Virgin Galactic. I created a rough 3D model of SpaceShip Two, the main spaceship Virgin Galactic uses, so I could easily rotate it and get the angle I needed. The voice over is my own voice, put through a voice modulator.

Visit: behance.net/gallery/Virgin-Galactic/2448075 to see my process.

Programs used: Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, MorphVOX Pro (a voice modulator)

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