Shot over a few weekends over the course of about 9 months with the help of friends and family, I proposed to my girlfriend Julie.

Most of the video was shot with Canon T2i's, time-lapse was recorded with a Panasonic Lumix G5, and the long exposure photography for the hearts and message were shot primarily with a Nikon D90. After my D90 was stolen (at a wedding!), I was able to borrow a D700 and another T2i to finish up the project.

Thanks to all the friends and family that helped me propose to Julie; especially Anita, Jenny, Rachel, Pattie, and Charina! I am truly impressed by everyone's ability to keep this thing a secret over the past few months!

A special thank you to Francis Villanueva who taught me how to use my camera, ha ha! And an extra special thank you to Kristina Koltunicki and Craig Rinkerman, who took my sprawling vision and made it a much more cohesive and grand story than I could've ever asked for.

Song: Springtime by Annuals (simply amazing song!)

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