Lech Lecha- “Go for yourself…”
Genesis 12:1-17:27 ; Isaiah 40:27 ; Matthew 5-7 Pastor Art Palecek
Genesis 12:1 And Jehovah saith unto Abram, `Go for thyself, from thy land, and from thy kindred, and from the house of thy father, unto the land which I shew thee.

The first 11 chapters of Genesis tell of creation, the degradation of humanity, Noah saved from destruction, repopulating of the earth and the development of the kingdom of Babylon.

The cycles remain the same through the years, just the names change. 3 of these 11 chapter deal with Genealogical lists that span 2000 years. Joseph in prison

Genesis 40:15 For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews: God called Abram out of Babylon-the Spirit of God was not there -even with God confounding the languages and the movement of those individuals to other regions-it was still evil -who was there were those who wanted to make a name for themselves God wanted no part of this for Abram. If Abram was to be a Blessing to the world, he had to leave this type of environment.

For complete notes see elshaddaiministries.us/audio/torah5772/20111105notes.pdf

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