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The Pencil-Sharpener-Ventilator is a project I've done with friends just for fun during my holidays. Together with Sabrina Mairinger, I renovated an old ventilator from my grandpa. We took it apart into its individual parts. Cleaned, sanded and sprayed it matt white. The switch was ugly, so we took it off and filled the gap with polyester resin. With the rotation of the ventilator we've needed a special sharpener for left-hander only. We saw it to the correct length, sanded and sprayed it again. The hardest part was to glue the pencil sharpener exactly to the right position. Otherwise it has a unbalance. At the end we mounted a new power cable with a new switch and screwed all other parts together and there it was: The Pencil-Sharpener-Ventilator.

Special thanks to Michele Di Dio – he took the pictures.
Johannes Brugger – he filmed & helped cutting.
And Sabrina Mairinger – she helped renovating and was our model in the movie.

You can buy this unique product of far future for just 400,000 $. ;)

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Music by: Peter, Bjorn and John – Second Chance

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