In 1869, a small group of men battle a demonic evil unleashed in Hatchet County, Virginia. Believing themselves victorious, the posse disbands. Two members volunteer to stay and watch over the area. All is quiet for the next four years.

In 1873, Hell literally breaks loose in Hatchet County. This time all of its citizens, along with their two protectors, are forced to fight in an epic, bloody struggle against 7 powerful demons; each representing one of the 7 deadly sins.

HATCHET COUNTY is an exciting genre-bending mixture of westerns, martial arts action, and supernatural horror.

Starring Matthew B. Moore, Crystal Largen (CHILDREN OF THE HUNT), Darren James Hummel, Teddy Jacobs (HIP-HOP NATION), Brian Lee (DOGS OF CHINATOWN), Paul Shaw (APRIL FOOL'S DAY), Juan-Carlos Guzman (DEATH SENTENCE), Jess Barbour (VAULT OF DARKNESS), Larry Parks, Ksaundra Brijette, Tom Bailey, Dwayne Mims, "Wild Bill" Drake, and R. Keith Harris (BIG FISH).

Directed by Adam Hulin (BY BOGDANOVICH).

Written and produced by Matthew B. Moore (CHILDREN OF THE HUNT).

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