Fastpitch.TV - This week I bring you an interview with US Womens Baseball player and coach Jenny Dalton-Hill. is where you can find the perfect fastpitch softball bat that you've been looking for!

Jennie Dalton-Hill has graciously taken the time to answer some of our questions on the amazing success in her career. Jennie has set records dating back to 1996 that have yet to be beaten!

Jennie did not take the traditional route that girls typically take these days. She was 9 years old when she began little league softball. She did not start with a travel league until she was 16 years old. In high school, in southern California, Jennie kept herself busy while she played 5 different sports! With the great athleticism that Jennie has she was recruited to play for colleges in basketball, softball, and volleyball. Her decision to play softball was made with the notion that she would succeed the most in softball.

Jennie then speaks highly of her college softball coach and how he encouraged her and reminded her "that to be successful in life you need to be well-rounded and softball is just one of the aspects".

Jennie was also a part of the Silver Bullets baseball team! Unfortunately, due to funding the team ended, but she then joined the U.S.A. women's baseball team! She was not even aware that the team existed! Jennie is concerned with the funding for the team so that the baseball team may continue for other young ladies that have the same dream of playing on a professional baseball team will have that chance.

Jennie gives the advice, to prospective college and professional athletes, that you need to start early and start looking! College camps are also great ways to get noticed by your first college pick!

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