Check out my full review video for the SLR Magic / Noktor 12mm 1.6 lens!

I was at the November 5th fireworks display in Glasgow (in Scotland) and grabbed a few bits of video to test out the new SLR Magic / Noktor 12mm F1.6 on my Lumix GH2. Most of it is shot at F2 as if you go wider than that you can get a lot more flare which some people like but personally I prefer less flare.

My first impressions of the lens are great, build quality is the first thing that jumps out at you, the lens is all metal and absolutely solid. Out of all my micro four thirds lenses this is the only one I would feel comfortable defending myself against a mugger with! The focus and aperture rings are very smooth and don't move very easily so they wont slip or get knocked by accident which I love.

Sharpness is good and I'm more than happy with it. I mentioned above that you get flaring wider than F2 which some people like and it did bother me a little but its main competitor the Olympus 12mm can't go wider than F2 so it isn't a big deal, at least you can go wider if you need the light and in many situations flare won't even be an issue, only if you have bright lights near the edges of the frame is it most noticable.

Using it on my stabiliser it works better than the Olympus 9-18 that I have been using on it as the extra weight just helps smooth things better.

I would certainly recommend you have a look at this lens as not only is it the cheaper option of a fast wide angle lens for micro four thirds it has so many great features many people would rather have it over the more expensive Olympus even if cost was not a factor.

Adam Troup

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