- Is Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal Safe? - 6th Nov 2011, Japan: Damaged reactors at nuclear plant could take 30 years to retire, WaPo: NRC directs quake-hit North Anna nuke plant to inspect supports for Reactor Pressure Vessel — No “significant” problems?

Fukushima women peacefully protest nuclear power (VIDEO)

Fukushima Update – Day 241

Busby: On-going fission is occurring at Fukushima — Either a recent “enriched uranium fission” or an “explosive criticality”

German radiation professor: Fukushima like a mini atomic bomb? Warns against future nuclear explosion

#Radiation in Japan: NHK Calls 20 Millisieverts/Year Radiation "Low Level", and Hosono Lies

Global movement for clean, non nuclear, energy – theme for November 2011

BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium mine and its water use

Poor environmental safety for BHP’s new Olympic Dam uranium mine

BHP’s Indenture Agreement for OLympic Dam Uranum Mine – a poor deal fro South Australia

Kevin Rudd, the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, and the push to sell uranium to India

The International Energy Agency puts the case for falling use of nuclear energy!

7 billion people can benefit from renewable energy

The danger of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons situation

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Video of Packbot Cleaning Reactor 3's 1st Floor in Extremely High Radiation

Bianca Jagger tells Japan’s UK Ambassador: “Efforts must be focused on ending the ongoing fires” at Fukushima plant — Asks gov’t do all it can to limit radiation exposure

“Please share — Save children”: 21.44 µSv/h measured at Koriyama school as students walk by — 60 km from meltdowns (VIDEO)

Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles: Fukushima, Japan

Fukushima Japan Nuclear Update (as of 10/31/11)

Signs of Syria, Pakistan nuclear ties

Japanese govt approves Tepco bailout plan (Video)

Fukushima Update – Day 240

Major TV Host: Someday this nuclear stuff is going to drive me nuts enough that I’m going to send cocaine-laden divorce papers to nuke plant in hopes of provoking outrage (VIDEO)

Reactor No. 3 at 620 mSv/hr after ‘decontamination’

Post-’Decontamination’: 620 mSv/hr detected at Reactor No. 3, first floor

NEW: High radioactivity found all around school in Ryugasaki, 30 km from Tokyo — Over a dozen hotspots detected near face level

Deadly cargo: Concerns over Pakistan’s nuke security

High Levels of Radioactive asphalt detected in South Korea - 4th Nov 2011

The international nuclear war machine rolls on, costing $billions

Low security of Pakistan’s nukes

Researchers show that Syria’s supposed nuclear site is a textile factory

Australian Red Cross takes aim at nuclear weapons

“Occupy” Movement Hits Japan — Women camping in front of gov’t building in Tokyo calling for end to nuclear #occupyjapan #METI

France, Kazakhstan sign deal on nuclear fuel plant

Japan gives $11.6 Billion to dismantle nuclear reactors - 4th Nov 2011

Koriyama City in Fukushima to Feed School Kids with Local Rice Harvested This Year

Disposal of quake debris begins in Tokyo — To be burned in Koto — Radiation fears among residents — Will continue for years — Over 1 Billion pounds

Where Goes Solar, There Goes Nuclear?

FEMA to Conduct Nationwide Test of Emergency Alert System

Tepco: Possible that radioactive iodine was in gas sample collected at Reactor No. 2′s inlet filter

“Nowhere is safe”: Cesium levels in Yokohama mushrooms reached almost 3,000 Bq/kg — Already eaten by hundreds of children under 12 — 250km from meltdowns

Governor of Fukushima: "Look, I'm Now World-Famous Thanks to Fukushima Disaster!"

Friday Update

Tokyo Governor to Tokyo Residents Who Protest Against Disaster Debris from Iwate: "Shut Up"

Beyond Nuclear and NIRS at the Japanese Embassy

Most Japanese want an end to nuclear

Swedish focus on earthquake protection

US Radiation Monitoring May Have Been Handed Off To Nuclear Industry Lobbyists

Pakistan Nukes

North Anna Update

Packbot Cleaning

Syrian Cotton

TEPCO Bailout

France 2 Kazakhstan

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