Cleaning the dishes is a normal task for a dishwasher... doing this in 18 minutes is damn fast for a dishwasher... but racing an F-16 to deliver a coffe-to-go to a jet-pilot is a quite unusual task for a dishwasher.
Race with our F18 Jetwash through canyons and above the clouds, having some fun with a F-16 jetfighter! Let's see who's faster!


Client: Vestel
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Istanbul
Director: Alex & Steffen
DoP: Simon Coull
Production: DEPOfilm, Istanbul
Postproduction: Unexpected GmbH, Stuttgart
VFX Supervisor: Alex & Steffen
Lead 3D Artists: Alexander Kiesl, Sebastian Badea, Jörg Häberle, Harun Celebi, Stefan Kleindienst, Oliver Vogel, Casper Wermuth, Andreas Feix, Tobias Körner
Terragen Artist: Hannes Janetzko
Lead 2D Artists: Steffen Hacker, Claus Rudolph, Peter Egeberg, Manuel Rivoir

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