Banshee Bungee presents "THE Shots.", our 2011 Snow Edit featuring all the banger Bungee shots from this year.

"THE Shots." features footy from this year's best films:
Absinthe's "twe12ve"
Videograss's "Retrospect"
MFM & Fam's "Familia 2"
Think Thank's "Ransack Rebellion"
Pirate Movie's "Bottom Line"
Forum's "Vacation"

Also, we're featuring the best urban riders in snowboarding:
Jake Kuzyk
Parker Duke
Nick Visconti
Lucas Magoon
Nic Sauve
Dan Brisse
Sean Black
Jonah Owen
Alex Cantin
Bode Merrill
Nik Cioffi
Teo Konttinen
Dylan Thompson
Johnnie Paxson

Edited by one of the industries best, Eddie Grams, "THE Shots." is the first of several edits we have planned with Eddie for this winter that feature all the best Bungee shots, all the time!

Check out our website and Facebook page for the latest updates on the best Bungee related edits and news.

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