Another useless videoclip I made by mixing up one of my favourite documentary (Man on wire, 2008) with - again - one of my favourite recent songs by Foo Fighters (Walk, album "Wasting light"). I used some of the original footage from the movie and docudrama scenes they added to recreate the Twin Towers' blitz.

For those who hadn't already seen it, Man on wire tells the story of young high-wire artist Philippe Petit and his (successful) walk between the Twin Towers in 1974. The performance lasted almost one hour, during which (I really mean it) he walked on a wire 415 meters high, without any fall protection.
This was, obviously, unauthorized: while policemen arrested him, they wrote on their report "man on wire", which many years later became a good documentary title.

So, that's the story, and it perfectly fits the lyrics, isn't it?

*** Unfortunately, there was no video footage of the WTC walk in the movie either, just still pictures. ;)

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