Long story a little less long. My buddy Zach had been watching the swell charts for his local slab: St. Aloysius Elementary Schools back lot(the locals call it fruitbowls). I got a call from him in early Sept. saying he thought it could go off in a couple days. When you get a call from Zach about St. Aloysius you don't ignore it. I dropped everything I had going on, jumped in my moms Honda Odyssey(thanks mom) and hit the road for Spokane. As usual Zach was spot on with his prediction. St. Aloysius back lot was FIRING! If you have ever been here you know the reef is brutal. Its about 1 inch deep under the barrel section. The local scene is intense as well, but luckily we scored an afternoon session where all the kids were in class! You don't want to paddle out here during recess. Let alone during lunch period. The locals will tear you apart! Good luck even getting a wave! Anyways, here is some video of us scoring some tubulars until Zach took a hard close-out and we called it a day!


Film - Zach Hanson
Edit - Kelly Jette

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