Directed by, Socrates Mitsios & Actually Huizenga

The video art duo Actually Huizenga and Socrates Mitsios like to be watched. The two have created a series of short video works that they have colorfully referred to as “Pop Rape” – two words that have, as far as I know, never been placed side by side, perhaps for justifiable reason. The films are an exhibitionistic display of naked, hypersexed bodies. At once glossy and vulgar, fastidiously disciplined and wildly chaotic, the films are an exercise in the photogenics of sex.
SoftRock, the first film in the trilogy is a color-saturated, digital experiment in stylized pornography. Featuring the couple in the midst of sex, the film opens with a slow and steady shot of Huizenga’s made-up face, marked by expressions of sexual arousal. Her bright red lips – so perfectly red that they seem preternatural – clash with the shocking white of her porcelain flesh. Mitsios, thrusting and penetrating her from behind, seems at once dominant and strangely absent from the scene. His thin, muscular body seems to elude the gaze of the camera. Lingering shots of Huizenga tied to a chair, with the ornate, if not entirely utilitarian, aid of thin, pink ribbon, are interspersed with images of her partially clothed body stretched across jagged rocks.

text, Ryan Linkof

SOFTROCK Parts I & II premiered together, as part of ASVOFF Art, at the George Pompidou Centre, in October 2012.

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