Artist: Kim Churchill
Song: Truest Intentions

Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth
Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan
Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

“Kim Churchill has been living and breathing guitar for over a decade. When you find out he’s only 20, it puts him in an entirely other league.” Kim has been touring around the world, recording heaps and having tons of fun doing it for the past two years.

We met up with him on a chilly late October day near the small Aqua Bus dock under Cambie St. bridge.
We lent him some mittens so he could keep his fingers warm between takes. He is an Aussie who loves sun, sand and surf and isn’t accustomed to Canadian cold. Performing intricate picking and mad guitar skills is difficult to do with stiff frozen fingers.

The Aqua Bus passengers and folks on the seawall seemed pleased to see the sight of the Green Couch hanging out on a dock in False Creek. Everyone was snapping photos and stopping to see what was going on.

Kim was wonderful, excited for his show at the Media Club and preparing to fly to Beijing, China the next day and climb the Great Wall.

Hosted by: Spyglass Dock

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