During the 22nd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont, LUST (NL) took over the Chapelle des Jésuites with an in-situ piece intended to build bridges between the Festival’s past and future. Extending the notion of archiving to the future and to hypothetical pasts.

Prior to the exhibition, they compiled a visual and textual database. Visitors at La Chapelle could interact with this ‘polyarc’ to make their own digital or print publication, before adding their own contributions to it.

Through its content, the installation explores and informs us about graphic design in Chaumont: venues, accomplishments and projects. Through its form, it considers the paths and media travelled by graphic design; and how they are evolving in light of technology, the amount of information and images being produced, and changes in the applications of the discipline.

During the festival visitors could pick up one-of-a-kind print-on-demand booklets at La Chapelle which could be inserted into this dossier. This dossier functions as a ‘snapshot’ of a constantly growing archive. Visitors were invited to contribute to this archive by sending Twitter messages. Any messages sent will be stored and made accessible via the installation and printed for the dossiers.

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