*** UPDATED VERSION (See Erratum below) ***

------------------------------- THE PROJECT

"Motion Plus Design" is a project which aims to create the first exhibition center
dedicated to Motion Design in Paris, france. This is a non-profit project. Students, professionals and anyone interested could discover artists, meet and learn. This centre will also provide an opportunity to promote artists in other design departments so the different graphic design worlds could cross. To make it real we need your support! The more we are, the more the project's got chances to exist!

Website : motion-plus-design.com
Get involved via facebook : facebook.com/pages/ENGLISH-Motion-Plus-Design/262169577157419
Mail : contact@motion-plus-design.com
Twitter : twitter.com/#!/Mo_Plus_Design
Newsletter : please send us your email at newsletter@motion-plus-design.com
Want to translate this film in your language ? : translate@motion-plus-design.com

------------------------------- OTHER LANGUAGES

English : vimeo.com/29732896

Spanish : vimeo.com/31805518
Chinese : vimeo.com/31801886
Japanese : vimeo.com/31805394
Russian : vimeo.com/31805480
Greek : vimeo.com/31805030
Turkish : vimeo.com/31805551
Italian : vimeo.com/31805364
Iranian : vimeo.com/31805331
German : vimeo.com/31805268
Dutch : vimeo.com/31804683
French : vimeo.com/29734504

------------------------------- ERRATUM

We were wrong on some credits of the previous version, big apologies for that.
Here are the new changes you'll see in this updated version :

/// MTV award 2009 opening sequence was in fact designed at Prologue by Ilya Abulhaniv
/// Panic Room opening sequence was in fact designed by Picture Mill
/// Donnie Brasco opening sequence was in fact designed at Imaginary Forces by Kyle Cooper
/// NBC More Colorful ident, was in fact designed at Capacity by Ellerey Gave & Alex Mapar
/// NBC ident (2006) was in fact designed at Capacity
/// Chanel 4 ident was in fact designed by Lambie Nairn

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