Dustin Lilley is probably one of the most talented photographers working in DC right now. The kid is murder. There's Hurrell here, for sure, but he goes beyond homage, he downright occupies the past. In an era of high drive digital spray and pray, there's a fondness and attention to every frame-he composes and poses and adjusts light by the inch and only at the last possible second does he pull the trigger, and it's never more than one or two clicks, and he looks at the back of the camera and says: 'oh. that was it.' And it's on to the next look.

I wanted to reflect some of that in this piece; to show the process rather than the act. I also looked for some of that old Hollywood that hangs around in Dustin's pictures, and tried to bring small touches of it in. The temptation here was to crash everything to high contrast snoot light B+W in post, but instead I played with the browns and greens, muddied things a bit. It's a lot like those first movie frames that got hand-colored, which might be the perfect analogy to Dustin's photography.

Shot at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC on a Sony FS100. Graded almost entirely with the 3-way in FCP. 80% of the shots are Zeiss 35mm ZF.2, with a splash of 21mm and 50mm makro ZF.2 as needed.


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