This footage was taken during a / ESO photo expedition at the Atacama Desert, Chile.

First footage was shot near the Chajnator Plateau (ALMA Site at an Altitude of approx 3800 m. It shows two phenomenom:

1) Two "meteor persistent trains" in the atmosphere which move away during the several frames of continuous shots to make this video. The smog-like faint clouds are glowing ionized atoms because of the meteoroid encounters with the upper atmosphere. After some moments each train is spread by the high altitude winds.

2) Atmospheric Gravity Waves

Second footage was shot near Paranal ( It shows a MPT footage taken from two different angles.

International Astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi of and me were on a all-night-imaging session, taking starry night footage at a beautiful desert location at an altitude of approx. 2400 m. I had just taken a short nap in the tent, and was now walking around nearby.

Two Nikon D3s were pointing east to the tent, one mounted on a Dynamic Perception dolly with a AFS 14-24/2.8 set to 14 mm, the other in the distance with a AFS 24-70/2.8 set to 70 mm, when a Meteor (approx. magnitude -4) lit up.

After long nights of imaging, it is always again a real pleasure to see something like this on the footage.

Please note: The footage is partly enlarged. You may slow down the video or watch image by image to see the effect. In the opposite to the first version of the video I did not interpolate (slow down) the footage anymore to keep the real TL pictures.

Nikon D3s, AFS 24-70/2.8, ISO 3200
Nikon D3s, AFS 14-24/2.8, ISO 5000

Christoph Malin

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