Advanced smart meters help adapt living spaces to new behaviours, by providing the content and the context for high-quality sustainable lifestyles. Smart meters must offer more than a simple read-out of kilowatts used – and money saved – in the last month: they must be able to impact the behaviours taking place within the home.
Experientia envisions an empowering smart meter that, in addition to real-time information on energy consumption, tracks personal carbon footprint offers tips to reduce it and connects people to a like-minded community.
Our smart meters designs address core user requirements: Real time contextual feedback; Energy consumption data and analysis; Control and regulation of home energy consumption; Social engagement and community support; and Intuitive and engaging interaction design. Enabling a framework of to Check, Compare, Control and Communicate.
Experientia's smart meter designs take a holistic, lifestyle approach to reducing consumption in all activities, and connect the community in its process of reforming values and norms about energy use. By integrating energy consumption with other non-energy life tasks, we engage people with their data on a daily bases, encouraging experimentation with routines. It offers new ways of living that go beyond a few cents off electricity bills.

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