Video Credit:

Directed by Jerome Monnot and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki
Music by Squeaky Lobster (
Camera by Jerome Monnot, Vania Jaikin Miyazaki, Camille Dedieu, Linda Cavaliero
Editing by Jerome Monnot
Post-production effect by Damien Schneider
Sound mix by Thomas Vaquié

The Mapping Festival is dedicated to the advancement of the VJ medium. The festival is a meeting place for production and artistic experimentation. It is a laboratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibility for exploration as well as a forum for exchanging ideas and resources.

Festival Curators: Amira El May, Justine Beaujouan, Boris Edelstein

Amira El May: Artistic coordinator

Gaëlle Amoudruz: Festival co-coordinator, communication and fundraising

Corinne Benoit : Festival co-coordinator and administration

Nicolas Donnet: Music curator

Adrien Boulanger: Technical and video director

Stéphanie Gautier: Production

Institutionnal partners: Ville de Genève – Département des Affaires Culturelles et Fonds Municipal d’Art Contemporain, Etat de Genève – Département de l’Instruction Publique, Organe genevois de répartition des bénéfices de la Loterie Romande, Office Fédérale de la Culture, Fondation Ernest Göhner.

Private sponsors: Vimeo, Pour-Cent Culturel Migros, Art Computer, TPG Publicité, Lumens8, Modul8, MadMapper, Codanova, Resolume, VJ Loops.

Artistic partners: Head - Genève, AV:In / Cyberbrothers / Lightrhythmvisuals, Sonic Capital.

Media partners: Couleur 3, 360° magazine /, Le Courrier, TRAX Magazine, Le Collagiste.

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