This video is a recording of a panel on "Rio 2012: Beyond the tipping point," which took place at the 2011 UNEP FI Global Roundtable on sustainable finance in Washington D.C.

In the wake of the financial crisis and in the context of on-going environmental degradation, paired with persisting social imbalances, the interconnectedness of economic, environmental and social issues, and the need for collaborative action to achieve 'sustainable development' is more tangible than ever. Have we reached the tipping point though? Is the finance sector ready to play the core role it can and must play in the transition to a new economic model, where business, finance and governments all and jointly operate in full cognizance of our resource-constrained environment?

Speakers at the 2011 Global Roundtable closing session were Aron Cramer, President & CEO of Business for Social Responsibility; Matthew Kiernan, Founder and Chief Executive of Inflection Point Capital Management; Weihua Ma, President of China Merchants Bank; David Pitt-Watson, Director of Hermes Focus Asset Management Limited. The moderator was Andrew McLean, Host of The Eco Capitalist television series.

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