Joseph Beuys, Carl Andre, John Baldessari, Martin Creed, John Latham, Jenny Holzer, James Ireland and other current British artists will be exhibiting in a new show about Minimalism. The exhibition opens on 12 January 2010 and will concentrate on new ways that current artists respond to Minimalism.

Lorenzo Belenguer, curator of the Gallery at Willesden Green, says: “Minimalism is back, and not just because of the recession. Artists are rediscovering the use of austere materials in a more elaborate way, but without missing the main point of Minimalism: the beauty of the material”

Ever since Marcel Duchamp boldly exhibited a urinal as his now infamous ‘Fountain’ piece in 1917, artists have continued to comment on the relationship between people and material objects. Through the erosion of bourgeois artistic values, movements such as Dada, Arte Povera, as well as groups like the Conceptualists and the Minimalists, have all extolled the values of ready-made found objects. It is this democratisation of art for all that strongly influences current British Artists. After all of these art movements, artists seem to use found or ready-made objects in a more subtle way. Perhaps the current socio-economic situation allows them to take it to the next step. We have selected a group of artists that work in a minimalist approach to materials but not so minimally, push it to the maximum.

List of artists (by alphabetical order): Carl Andre, Sarah Rose Allen, Lulu Allison, John Baldessari, Vanya Balogh, Lorenzo Belenguer, Joseph Beuys, Kiera Blakey, Chong Boon Pok, Elisabeth S. Clark, Martin Creed, Lewis E Fox, Myra Fricker, Helen Grundy, Irene Perez Hernandez, Jenny Holzer, James Ireland, John Latham, Jessica Longmore, Oliver Palmer, Kate Keara Pelen, Dawn Stringer, Andrew Sunderland and Christine Warrington.

All artists’ images can be seen from:

Please click on the link below to download the press release:

The show has been kindly supported by The London Borough of Brent, Brent Artists Resource and Daniel & Harris Solicitors

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