Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) 2011

We enjoy your love for total creative freedom & lack of compromise cinema!

JURY AWARD, offered by ABIS STUDIO // SO DO I (2011, Romania, Vlad Constantin)

Jury motivation: "A student film which displays signs of an approach to storytelling and of a visual sensibility that remind some of the best present European art cinema, with a surprising control over framing, performance, set design and editing, used to challenge common thoughts on human relations and moral values, as well as habits of narrative short film directing. The jury wishes that this special award to SO DO I,  involving a substantial postproduction support, will help the director in further developing and refining his skills and vision, and in putting a new name on the map of the vibrant Romanian contemporary film scene."


'So Do I' / 'Şi eu' (12', 2009, Romania, Vlad Constantin)
BIEFF 2011 International Competition

Surrounded by an artificial monotony, in which even sin has lost its fire, two spouses cheat on each other. Whether they are blind against this situation, whether they tacitly agree upon it, these two continue to declare Love to one another. This word is written in the stone which they have to carry every morning.

Without language there is no falsehood. Everything is true. Can it be that language represents only a cover-up for the deepest desires of man? What if people speak just to lie? How many people say what they feel, and how many stay hidden behind their language?

"7 Arts" National Film Festival 2009, Călăraşi (Romania)
CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival 2010, Bucharest

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