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OUR PASSION is to bring you unfailing quality built on generations of knowledge and merge it with the innovation of tomorrow.

Our "Shoe Tree" dates back five generations! William Weyenburg, born in 1859, father in law to Charles Danner, founded the Weyenburg Shoe Company in 1892 along with his nephew. Charles Danner made his way into shoes as a salesman for Brown Shoe Company, however, the recession found him laid off and needing to provide for his family.

In 1932, William Weyenburg and Charles Danner purchased a defunct shoe factory in Chippewa Falls, WI for all of $500 and there started Danner Shoe Co. Danner made its start manufacturing low priced work shoes and boots. Finished boots sold for less than four dollars a pair. In 1936, seeking to make higher quality products, Charles Danner moved his family and the shoe factory to Portland, Oregon to make logger boots, which were in high demand at the time. By the end of World War II, Danner was known in the logger industry for its Shipyard Boot. At this time, Charles Danner passed the baton to William and John Danner. William "Bill" Danner purchased his brother's shares and pushed full steam ahead. In 1970, Danner developed and patented the first truly unique waterproof boot.
This was an epic time in footwear innovation, especially for the soggy Northwest climate. Bill Danner had a passion for hiking and wanted to craft a boot so that he could summit the Pacific Northwest Mountains. Hiking was becoming a popular sport and in 1974, Danner's Mountain Trail Boot was recognized in Backpacker Magazine as the Nation's #1 Best Value. It was light and flexible, yet supportive and comfortable. After this article, there was no turning back; Danner had made his mark in the industry. Out of his eight children, William Crary, Jr. was the only one struck with his passion for quality, handmade footwear. Bill Crary had worked in the Danner factory from the young age of 13, working his way to factory manager and then to finding his own way in 1978 starting Crary Shoe Mfg. Co. He got his start by making handmade custom footwear, one boot at a time for each individual foot. Apparently passion for footwear is contagious, because of his five children, three are in the footwear industry, two of which work on the Crary Shoe team. Nathan Crary started his shoe venture in his father's factory and has since made his mark in the athletic industry in product development, working all over the world. Nathan's passion is to link handmade quality from his roots to the technology of tomorrow. He is a true inventor! Meredith Crary-Johanson, Bill's only daughter, has worked alongside her father from a young age sewing linings, organizing the factory and designing. She came back to her roots in 2004 after receiving her degree in marketing. She has since taken over all business operations so that her father can keep his focus where it belongs… on making quality boots.
Crary Shoes will continue to push forward as it builds on past generations of unfailing quality and combine it with unique innovation.

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