Project Title : In One's Heart (INDISOULS 2nd exhibition, Feeling)
Project Length : 55s
Debut Date : Jan. 2009 (2 week)

Description :
"the happiness become a sadness because the state of happiness is not forever and has changed or gone."(興盡悲來)

Slogan : "After love comes sorrow"

Motionholic (individual work)
Director : DongHyun Kim
2D Artist : DongHyun Kim
2D Animator : DongHyun Kim
3D Artist : DongHyun Kim
3D Animator : DongHyun Kim
Compositor : DongHyun Kim

BGM : Honky Tonk Of Wermland + E18 by Detektivbyran

Tools : Cinema4D, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator

Official Website :
Exhibition Website :

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