3rd in a series of OccupySF Marches.

here's people out there on the street
Think it's time for them to speak
From Montreal to Monterey
From London town to all L.A.
People gonna have their say
And they say
Occupy Wall Street (Occupy all streets!)...

When you got no bread to buy no meat
And the banks you trusted are all clear cheats
Then come on get on your feet



Lying liars and the lies they tell
Try to hide the bodies but the bodies smell
They put the boots/ lay waste to the working man's dream
Don't it make you want to scream


Mortgage games now the home is gone
You want to hurt them but that's all wrong
The CEO's all done the flit
Just like rats from a sinking ship


Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae
Where's the CEO today
I think I saw them run away
Running down Wall Street...

God almighty what went wrong
The ghost of Nixon said the gold's all gone
They spent it all making bombs so...


Had a job but it went abroad
Now all I got is depression
The kids look at me with dirty faces
The dreams in my eyes
Are empty spaces so you got to...

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