Highway Duel is a short computer animation I`ve been creating in my spare time for the past few years.

The animation itself is 99% keyframed in studio max, after creating 6 minutes of animation using splines and hand animation I finally used physics for one 3 second shot of a car landing upsidedown (last shot in the trailer)

Although I still foresee another year to finish it, I wanted to create a trailer with some sound to get an idea of how the final animation might feel.
I`ve always thought that animating scenes without sound is very tricky, you really can`t tell if the final result is going to work sometimes.
So after finding a great sound designer this brief edit has been put together.

Hope some of you like it.

Animation :
Auburn Hodgson - highwayduel.com

Sound design :
David C. Huges - davidchughes.com

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