The Energy Gallery in the Science Museum aims to provoke critical thinking on the key issues surrounding future energy provision using a number of specially commissioned installations.

The Energy Ring, created by Casson Mann and Soda, is a 40m long white LED screen wrapped to form a ring of dynamic white light. The ring displays the answers to questions about energy entered at one of the four touch screen terminals in the Energy Gallery, such as whether we should have energy-free days, or what flavour electricity might be.

It’s size, brightness and wide viewing angle make it highly visible from almost every viewing point in the Science Museum’s East Hall.

The screen, which contains over 32,000 LEDs has been mounted within a 13 metre diameter aluminium circle suspended on only four wires. A bridging element between the gallery and the ring carries information between the two. Meanwhile, an augmented reality view of the ring on touchscreens terminals allows visitors to ‘zap’ the ring, causing a small explosion and lightning flashes.

Fluid Stuctures (Structural Engineers), Soda (Software Designers), Technographic (Technical Development & Construction)

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