Sonic Man is a surreal version of the classic Sega Mega Drive Sonic The Hedgehog Saga.
Sonic Man journeys through deadly Zones, collecting Chaos Emeralds before the evil mad scientist Dr. Robotnik uses their mystical powers for planet earths destruction.
Manually edited Surround sound and breath taking High Definition special effects.
This film took 6 months to create.
Sonic nerd is / I’m fulfilled the world got to finally see Sonic as a cinematic true short film (without it having anything to do with a cartoon related theme)

Classic Zones featured in movie ;
Green Hill Zone- Sonic 1 (Generations) Movie Zone Title- Black Rock Beach Zone

Death Egg Zone- Sonic 2 Movie Zone Title -Fortress Zone
Final Boss- Sonic 2
Final Boss Sonic 3
Hydrocity 2 Zone- Sonic 3 Movie Zone Title -Biomechanics vs Hydrailics Zone
The DoomsDay Zone - Sonic & Knuckles

1)Sony Vegas continually crashed when using Masking and Star Burst effects to the extreme.
2) Occasionally I forgot to back up the project onto an extra hard drive, conciquently re-edit days of work.
3) I started this project in May 2010, way before Sonic Generations Trailer’s came out (Sonic Generations is a new game coming out this November, bringing back the old feel with new creative graphics) I rushed these weeks to get this film done so I could upload it just before Sonic Generations is released. Although some music from SG were used, the idea of using my personal favorite levels from the classics and SG’s similar design is purity coincidental.
Testing my patience and humanity more than any other project I ever set out on. You can say I battled my own inner Dr. Robotnik for you to see this ;)
Shot with Sony HDR-FX1E
Edited on Sony Vegas 10

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