Lem (1921 – 2006) is best known for writing the science fiction masterpiece 'Solaris'.

Danusia Schejbal adapts ‘Uranium Earpieces’ in which a paranoid king forces his subjects to wear suits of glowing uranium alloy. Can a young inventor, Pyron, find a way to free the people from this evil tyrant?

Andrzej Klimowski tackles ‘The Sanatorium of Dr. Vliperdius’ set in a world increasingly populated by robots. Our hero visits Dr. Vliperdius’ institution, but its patients soon turn against him. Can he escape the sanatorium after learning its dark secret?

The two stories are published together in a limited edition of 1000 graphic novels in the English language by SelfMadeHero on December 3rd 2011.

ISBN 9781906838409

More information can be found here: selfmadehero.com/title.php?isbn=9781906838409

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