“The Synaesizer”

A synaesizer is a device that makes you see what it hears and hear what it sees. To do so its video system is directly plugged into the audio and vice-versa. If we compare it to a human being, it can hear with its eyes and see with its ears. This is called synesthesia; a union of the senses, etymologically. People who have this ability are called synesthetes. This devise is therefore an artificial synesthete, its senses having been melted together. But that quality of being a synesthete is only the consequence of its primary function, which is to generate a synesthetic experience on its user. It is an artificial synesthetic generator, what can be called a synaesizer. The technique is “databending”; a form of “hacking”. Files or data streams are interpreted as audio files. Raw data often generates raw sounds; this is why Exomene developed a specific interpretation and refining process, partly based on spectrogram’s analysis. In this version of the synaesizer, the music is generated by “Visions desaturées”, a photography series by Dorianne Wotton and the video synthesizer has been set up both by Dorianne Wotton and Exomene.



An exhibtion curated by Lee-Ann Joy, derived from a facebook group titled "Experimental Sounds, Sculptures & Installations" facebook.com/groups/181396721881365/

Exhibition - J Studio's, Library Art Space, Melbourne, Australia. Compromised of Melbourne Sculptors and Sound Artists with International guest Sound Artists whom each produced a film especially for the event.

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