Some work towards a fast DIY 3D scanner for 3D stop-motion animation. This proof-of-concept scan was created using a projector and digital camera (both running at 640x480), and Processing. The first 18 frames show the images used for generating the 3D model. Syncing the projector to a webcam would yield a theoretical 3 3D frames per second (more practically, around 1 fps).

Inspired by Lisa Parra and Sophie Kahn's work with the DAVID Laser scanning system. (Approximately 1 3D frame per minute)

Use of gray codes to determine a pixel-pixel correspondence between the camera and projector image planes inspired by Johnny Chung Lee's projector calibration work

More pictures on Flickr and code on OpenProcessing

Thanks to Toxi/Karsten Schmidt for toxiclibs.geom and Jonathan Feinberg for PeasyCam.

Um, update: Apparently there's a lot of context for this

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